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How do I apply?

For information on the process and how to apply, visit What It Takes.

For out of province applicants, contact a recruiter to determine how competitive you’ll be in the process.

When are the next testing dates?

Testing is done between the months of January to March and again between the months of July to September.

What type of volunteering do I need?

Any volunteer experience will add value to your application. We encourage applicants to choose a volunteer opportunity that is of interest to them and will showcase their drive, commitment, and organizational ability.

What type of education?

A Grade 12 education or equivalent is the minimum standard. Applicants with a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) for Grade 12 must also have a complete Grade 10 standing. If education is attained outside of Canada, the applicant to prove their education to be equivalent to Saskatchewan Grade 12 standards. Most successful applicants have some post-secondary education. A mix of education, experience, personality, and testing will be considered throughout the process.


How do I submit my application package?

Completed application packages can be submitted in person by visiting the Service Centre located at the Saskatoon Police Service Headquarters or sending by a PDF via email to Your application can also be sent in by mail to Human Resources, Box 1728, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 3R6.

Where do I find the application package?

To find an application package, visit What It Takes or stop by the Saskatoon Police Service HQ and request one at the Service Centre.

What is the SIGMA and how do I prepare?

The SIGMA is a 74 question general knowledge questionnaire and can be written free of charge. Sample exams (SIGMA) can be found online at Preparation books may also be available in the law enforcement section of libraries, bookstores, and e-retailers.

When is the next information session?

Information sessions are traditionally held near SIGMA/POPAT testing dates. An online equivalent can be viewed here.

What type of work history is beneficial?

Successful applicants join the SPS with a variety of life and work experience. Obtaining strong references from any past work experience can be beneficial to an applicant’s success. Experience that can provide familiarity with the career of a police officer will assist applicants throughout the process and their future career; these might include positions in social services, physical/mental health, security, or military. 

When are you hiring and how does it take?

Each year, the Saskatoon Police Service hires in January and in July; the process from start to finish can be expected to take anywhere between four and six months.