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Alternative Response Officer (ARO) Special Constables


CURRENTLY Accepting Applications

As an Alternative Response Officer, you have a unique role in the provision of public safety services in our city by providing investigative and enforcement support to police officers. One day you may find yourself walking the beat and facilitating outreach and referrals for vulnerable persons, and the next day, you may be guarding a crime scene or transporting arrested persons.

Direct Service Delivery

  • Walking the beat, facilitating outreach and referral for vulnerable persons and enforcing infractions under provincial and municipal legislation
  • Meeting with human service agency and civic workers
  • Meeting with community members and business owners
  • Participating in parades, ceremonies and public events

Enforcement Support

  • Assisting units with traffic-related events and escorts
  • Transporting arrested persons
  • Providing assistance in Detention and at the Headquarters Service Centre

Investigative Support

  • Taking complaints from citizens and writing police reports
  • Retrieving physical and imagery evidence from citizens/locations
  • Guarding crime scenes, vehicles and people

Salary: ~$92,758 after five years.


  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Bachelor of Social Work, Human Justice, or Arts with a focus in human studies; or a grade 12 or GED.
  • Must pass the POPAT with a minimum time of 4:45.
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or have permanent residency.

  • Valid, unrestricted class 5 driver’s license.
  • No criminal convictions for which a Pardon has not been granted.
  • No recent illicit drug use.
  • No medical restrictions that would hinder ability to perform ARO duties.
  • Minimum acceptable acuity is 20/60 in each eye or 20/40 in one eye and 20/100 in the other. This acuity is without any corrective lenses. (You will be contacted by a recruiter to have a vision and hearing test, during the recruitment process)

  • Satisfactory employment record.
  • Standard First Aid and CPR Certificate.

Additional Forms Needed:

Self Identification Form


Our salary package offers special constables the following annual salaries:

Special Constable Probationary Year (1st 6 months)
Special Constable Probationary Year (2nd 6 months)
$ 0
Special Constable 2nd Year
$ 0
Special Constable 3rd Year
$ 0
Special Constable 4th Year
$ 0
Special Constable 5th Year
$ 0